About Me

My name is Janet Barnes and I am passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga. I qualified to teach yoga in 2008 with the British School of Yoga. Since then I have gained further qualifications to teach childrens' yoga, and pre and post natal yoga. I used to teach yoga and pre-natal yoga in the Ribble Valley, but then I moved to a little village on the outskirts of York, UK.

After the move I wanted to extend my yoga teaching into cyberspace by posting a series of yoga videos, which I hope will be beneficial to all. I came to yoga because my lung was damaged after a bout of chicken pox which invaded my lung. My body was ravaged by repeated episodes of pneumonia which left me with chest pain, congested lungs and unable to walk more than a few steps without collapsing in a breathless heap. I started to do some yoga, and little by little I got stronger. Eventually I felt strong enough to go to a yoga class where the teacher showed me some breathing techniques which enabled me to move the breath around my lungs and focus on the damaged area. Using these techniques I learned to clear the damaged area daily so that it would not cause me problems. I am now able to walk every day and be active all day. Apart from having to clear my lungs each day, I live a normal life- clearing my lungs only takes a few minutes and is a small price to pay for the health I now enjoy.

Having experienced the benefits of yoga I now want to bring those benefits to others. I post a weekly free video class, plus regular blog posts designed to help you enrich your yoga practice and boost your wellbeing. I really hope you enjoy your time with Flexiladies Yoga- if you feel you have benefited from my blog posts and videos, I'd be so grateful if you would take the time to share them on social media. Let's share the love ❤


Janet x