Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Qualities cultivated by yoga - self-awareness

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Yoga increases self-awareness on several levels.  Firstly it increases your awareness of your body in space (proprioception).  Proprioception is an awareness that arises through feedback from sensory receptors in muscles and skin.  Together with the visual system and vestibular system, proprioception helps us balance. This however is not the focus of our video this week.  In the video the intention is to quieten the mental chatter that clouds the 'windows' of our minds so that as the 'windows' clear, we are able to look inside of ourselves and see our true selves which are loving, kind, compassionate and forgiving.  The meditation is one in which we simply watch our breath, observing our thoughts and allowing them to drift away like clouds passing by without becoming involved in their stories.

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