Sunday, 11 June 2017

How yoga helps PREVENT injury

There is much talk about how yoga can lead to injury but very little about how yoga can PREVENT injury.  Over the last few weeks we have looked at how to protect yourself from yoga injuries.  Below are just some of the ways yoga can help protect you from injury both on and off the mat. 

Yoga helps increase awareness of our bodies so that we become aware of any imbalances. Once we are aware of these imbalances, we can address them through yoga.  

If you engage in sports, these may tighten muscles which can eventually lead to injury.  Yoga can stretch the muscles tightened by other activities.  Also yoga improves focus and concentration which may help prevent injury in contact sports such as karate.

Yoga creates a balance between strength and flexibility which is necessary to remain injury-free.

More specifically:-

Yoga helps improve balance helping to prevent those slips and falls that can lead to injury. This is especially important as we age because balance tends not to be as good in over 65s and injury can be serious, for instance hip fractures.  

Yoga helps with core stability and strengthens the core. This is important to prevent injury to the lower back because a strong core is the basis of everything we do in our daily lives. Similarly yoga stretches and strengthens the hamstrings which can help prevent lower back issues.

Yoga stretches and strengthens the muscles that support the joints preventing misalignment that can lead to osteoarthritis and joint damage.

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