Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Qualities cultivated by yoga - resilience

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Resilience is 'an ability to adjust to misfortune or change'.  Stress and pain are part of life but how we respond to them are a choice.  If we practice tapas on the mat we can meet challenging situations mindfully and respond wisely.  Tapas is one of the niyamas and involves 'burning off' the things in our lives that do not serve us.  By practicing tapas on the mat we can meet challenges with mindfulness and respond wisely.  We can even tap into the energy of a challenge and use it for spiritual growth, so that the challenge becomes our teacher leading to transformation.  We are resilient when we can surrender to the pain without suffering.  This takes a great deal of strength which is where focusing on the navel chakra can help.  Through focusing on the third chakra on the mat we can deal with challenges off the mat staying present to the fear, anger and pain involved.  

When the pain you feel comes from the sufferings of a loved one, it is especially hard.  The practice of yoga will help you stay present and deal with it one step at a time.  The fact is caring about someone can lead to pain.

This week's video focuses on meeting challenges on the mat to balance the third chakra and dissolve away what is not serving us.  We end with a meditation on the theme.

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