Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Qualities cultivated by yoga - joy

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Today it is hard to talk about joy after the terrible bombing in Manchester - this yoga video was filmed in advance. The arena is somewhere I am very familiar with because when we lived in Lancashire, my daughters and I often went to shows there. My heart goes out to those innocent people caught up in this tragedy.

When we try to cultivate joy on our lives, it has to go hand in hand with compassion for as yogis we are not immune from the pain life sometimes brings to us.  In Buddhism compassion and joy are two of the Brahmaviharas, 'divine abodes' along with empathy and loving kindness.  When we feel such pain we have to try to allow such feelings to be and surround them with compassion, remembering that we are all connected.  In this way we can begin to heal, although this will take time and the people of Manchester need our prayers right now.

Just as we feel compassion for the such grief, we can also feel joy for the joy of others.  Joy or mudita is the capacity to savour life's blessings.  Simple things can bring us joy if we open our hearts - the scent of a spring flower, the shapes of the clouds in the sky, being in nature, the sound of the birds. 

Joy is transient so experience it to the full.  This week's video focuses on opening our hearts to joy and our meditation speaks of finding something to be grateful for each day.  


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