Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Qualities cultivated by yoga-perseverance

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Living surrounded by fields I often see examples of perseverance  in wildlife. Living surrounded by fields I often see examples of perseverance in wildlife.   We often see a buzzard when out power walking.  The other day we saw her pick up her prey (a dead rat).  Almost immediately she was mobbed by crows until she dropped her supper.  Did she give up? Not a bit of it.  She repeatedly tried to take her kill back.  This went on so long we had to go but I would like to think her perseverance paid off in the end and 'my' buzzard enjoyed a good supper.  Another time I saw a stoat giving chase to a hare which was at least twice the size of her.  This was a tremendous risk - one kick from the hare could have broken her jaw and she would starve to death.  Yet she persisted, driven by hunger until the two of them were no longer in sight.  

The ultimate aim of yoga is samedi, bliss but to achieve this may require many years of practice. There is however much to be gained on the journey to bliss and one of the reasons I love yoga is that there is always more to learn - this is why I persist in coming to the mat each day and spend time going deeper into the teachings of yoga. You too, by practicing yoga regularly are showing perseverance that will be rewarded by increased wellbeing and confidence as your practice slowly improves. 

Perseverance is defined as continuing towards a goal despite delays, difficulties or little hope of success.  This often requires mental strength. In our video this week we cultivate physical strength and because of the mind/body connection this also cultivates mental strength.  Off the mat I am sure you often come across situations in which perseverance is required.  As a small example we grow organic vegetables on the 40plusandalliswell allotment. Last year we tried to grow dwarf french beans by planting them directly in the ground in April. They did not germinate. We could have given up at that point but we tried again, this time starting them off in the greenhouse in May.  Our reward was delicious french beans and confidence that we now know how to grow them without hitch.

We end with a meditation on another example of perseverance in nature.

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