Sunday, 26 March 2017

Yoga anatomy bites - internal rotation and external rotation

Imagine a line that divides the body in two from front to back at around navel height - this is the transverse plane sometimes called the horizontal plane.  It is in this plane that all twisting movements take place - Half Lord of the Fishes, Revolved Triangle, Revolved Side Angle, etc are examples.  Please see 'Yoga pose gallery'.

To get a feel of this plane of movement, lie back with your feet at hip distance and roll your legs in so that your big toes touch.  This is internal rotation of the femur (thigh bone).  Now roll your legs out so that the little toe side of the foot releases down towards the mat.  This is external rotation of the femur.

Applying this to yoga poses, in Hero or Reclined Hero pose the femur is internally rotated. Similarly with Downward Facing Dog.  

Internal rotation of the femur 

In Baddha konasana, Tree pose, Keyhole stretch and Goddess Victory Squat etc the femur is externally rotated.

External rotation of the femur

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