Sunday, 19 March 2017

Yoga anatomy bites - adduction and abduction

Imagine a line dividing your body from side to side (shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip etc) - this is the coronal plane and adduction and abduction take place in this plane.  Adduction takes place when a limb moves nearer to the midline and abduction takes place when a limb moves away from the midline.

If we take Chair pose, the legs are squeezing towards the midline (practice with a block between your thighs) so this is adduction.  

In 5 pointed Star the arms and legs move away from the midline so this is abduction.  

In Triangle pose, it is a little more complicated.  The front leg moves away from the midline so this is abduction, the back leg is isometrically moving towards the midline (that is squeezing towards the midline without actually moving) so this is adduction.

Hope this makes adduction and abduction a little clearer.

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