Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Yoga to rebalance - regaining confidence in yourself

Please click on the video below to watch, 'Yoga to rebalance-regaining confidence in yourself'-on my YouTube Channel.

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We can all lose confidence in ourselves and our abilities at some point in our lives.  It can be the result of a break up, losing your job or failing an examination or many other reasons.  

Exercise, especially exercise that is vigorous, is a good antidote for loss of confidence because it boosts mood.  For this reason, our video this week includes some vinyassa flows but do remember to take rests in Child's pose if you need to.  We will also be focusing on our third chakra because when this is not in balance, loss of confidence and a sense of purpose can result.  This means focusing on the core and twists.  Kabalabhati breathing is also included because it stimulates this area.  

We end with a mountain meditation  - the mountain gets through the challenges it faces knowing that better days are coming, as can we also.


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