Sunday, 12 February 2017

With a little help from a friend - Bow pose assist

Having a friend to help you with some poses can help you move deeper into those poses, feel supported, help you trust others and bring a sense of fun into your yoga practice.  With Valentine's Day coming up, it is the ideal time to introduce your partner to yoga - it can strengthen the bonds between you.  

It is also important when practicing partner yoga to keep talking to each other so that you can make any adjustments you need to feel comfortable in the pose - this has the benefit of increasing your communication skills.

This week our partner is helping us EASE into Bow pose. It is really important that you indicate to your partner when you have reached your edge - that place where you can feel the stretch but it feels good.  It is also important that your partner takes steps to protect his/her lower back.  

Lie on your tummy, your forehead on the mat.  Bend both knees and reach round for the outsides of your feet, your ankles, or shins.  If you need a belt, your partner can help you place it around your ankles.  

Your partner stands behind you with his/her feet wider than hips, outside edges parallel. He/she then bends the knees and holds your ankles (in effect a squat).  He/she lifts your feet slowly up and back as you take a breath in- you should talk to you partner as he/she does this.  It should feel really good.  Breathe out and have your partner slowly lower you down. Take a Child's pose then swap roles so that you assist your partner into Bow pose.  

Bow pose is a great pose for improving posture because it opens the chest and shoulders.  It also opens the front of the hips and thigh muscles which are often tight if we work at a desk. It stimulates digestion and elimination.

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