Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Yoga to rebalance- giving and receiving love

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I didn't intend to do this video this week but since it is Valentine's Day, it seemed right to bring this forward.  

It is equally important to give and receive love.  As a society we are conditioned to give not receive but if you continually give of your love but do not receive any back, like a flower that the sun does not smile on, that love will wither. 

There can also be an underlying sense of 'I am not worthy to receive love' but allowing yourself to receive love is important to nourish your soul. When someone is reaching out to you with love, compassion and caring, it can also be hurtful to them not to receive. 

The intention behind this week's video is to open our hearts to love and reach out to receive love. This may entail getting rid of some emotional baggage, stored in our hips that is getting in the way of our receiving love.   

A note about the Camel pose variation - if you do not feel confident to remove both hands from the blocks, alternate hands so that you always have one hand on the block. 

In this week's meditation we will be working with the breath to give and receive love.


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