Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Yoga to rebalance-Willpower

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It's mid-January and for many of us, those well intentioned changes we promised ourselves we would make this year, may be starting to slide.  Time to use our yoga practice to draw the strength and determination to continue to work towards making our intentions a reality.

The video this week therefore focuses on building internal strength to see through your intentions.  We could not do an asana practice to cultivate willpower without including the Warrior poses.  Think of the qualities of a warrior - strength, determination, an ability to see things through, willpower and yet a true warrior also acts from a place of compassion.

The poses this week may be a little challenging - remember to listen to your body and if the pose is too much for you, take a rest. Your breath is a good indicator  - if your breath becomes strained, come out of the pose.  It is important never to sacrifice the breath for a pose, you will lose all the benefits of that pose.

We finish the video with a meditation in which you visualise your dreams, your intentions as already happening.  


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