Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Yoga to rebalance - replenish your energy

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At this time of year our energy levels can be low.  This may be beccause kapha is the dominant dosha of the winter season.  If you are affected by the shorter daylight hours this can also exacerbate the problem. 

The intention behind this week's yoga video is therefore to get moving to balance kapha dosha, and to reduce stress - nothing zaps energy more than stress.  To this end we will be practicing Sun Salutations to generate heat and energy.  You may wonder why we are spending energy to be more energized.  It's a bit like putting money in the bank which then generates more money.  We will also include some a more gentle flow to relieve stress.  Chest openers help bring more oxygen into our bodies where it can be used to release energy and enliven our minds - chest openers are at the same time energizing and calming for the mind.  Our practice also stimulates digestion so that we can derived better nutrition from our food thereby increasing our vitality.

For our meditation we will simply be with the breath in order to calm the mind.  By relieving stress in this way, we will find our energy levels increasing.


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