Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Yoga to rebalance - Detox

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It's the new year and we are starting a new series in which the intention is to bring our bodies back into balance. When our bodies are in balance we sleep well, have energy and a zest for life.

Our bodies may be out of balance for many reasons.  Symptoms that indicate your body is out of balance include fatigue, bloating, poor sleep or disease. 

In this first video the intention is to detox through our yoga practice.  We start with Kapalabhati breathing which is a cleansing breath.  This is because it generates heat which helps 'burn off' toxins.  It also stimulates digestion and elimination and calms the mind.
There are some cautions however - it may not be for you if you suffer from asthma, high blood pressure, and heart conditions.  It may also feel uncomfortable if you are menstruating.  

We then go on to stimulate the abdominal organs with stretching, compressing and twisting movements that focus on the abdomen. Twists are especially good for detoxing because as you move into the twist, stale blood is squeezed out of your abdominal organs and as you release the twist, your abdominal organs get a fresh supply of blood.  

We end the video with a detox for your mind.

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