Thursday, 1 December 2016

Yoga for tired legs

Aching legs have several causes such as poor circulation, high blood pressure or high levels of cholesterol so if you suffer from aching legs regularly please see your doctor.  If however your legs are tired from prolonged standing (Christmas shopping??), the following yoga sequence may help.

Start lying back and take a few centering breaths.

Double Arm Leg Raise - bend your knees and have your arms by your sides. Breathe out and draw your knees over your chest.  Breathe in and raise your feet towards the ceiling, feet flexed, arc your arms overhead.  Breathe out bring your arms back down by your sides, your knees over your chest and continue for several movements.  

Windshield wiper - with your knees bent, take your feet to the sides of the mat.  Breathe in and as you breathe out take your right knee towards your left ankle.  Breathe in bring your right knee back to centre, repeat with the left knee and continue for several moves.  Come to all fours.

Leg stretch in all fours - from all fours stretch your right leg back and with your toes tucked under press away through your heel.  Repeat with the left leg. 

Downward Facing Dog + walking the dog - from all fours, breathe out and lift your hips into Downward Facing Dog.  Alternately bend your knees deeply several times.

Lunge  - from Downward Facing Dog, look forward, breathe in and bring your right foot between your hands.  Press through your left heel.  Return to Downward Facing Dog and repeat bringing the left foot forward. Return to Downward Facing Dog, breathe in drop your knees, breathe out and take a Child's Pose.

Standing Apanasana - stand with your feet a little apart and find a gaze point, a drishti. Breathe out and draw your right knee in towards your chest, holding onto your shin.  If you have knee issues hold on behind your thigh.  Hold for a few breaths then release your leg and repeat second side.  

Baddha Konasana - sit on a block, bring the soles of your feet together close into your body and hold onto your ankles or if this causes your back to round hold onto your shins. Butterfly your knees- bring your knees in towards your body and back down several times.

Legs up the Wall - sit by a wall with your knees bent and your right hip up against the wall. Swivel your hips so that your legs come up the wall.  Shuffle your bottom as close as you can to the wall and position your arms where is comfortable for you, either a little way from your body or overhead. Close your eyes if you wish and spend 10-15 minutes in the pose if you can to give your legs a delicious rest from gravity.  To come out of the pose roll onto your right side and spend a minute there with your knees drawn up to your chest before coming up.

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