Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Yoga for anxiety - preventing panic attacks

Please click on the video below to watch, 'Yoga for anxiety -  Preventing panic attacks'-on my YouTube Channel.

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Please note-Please consult your doctor if you are having severe panic attacks or chronic anxiety - there is much a doctor can offer you that would complement your yoga practice such as Cognitive behaviour therapy or counselling which you could do alongside yoga.
Please be aware that these yoga practices may take you to an emotional edge that can be very painful if you suffer from severe anxiety. Just as with a physical edge, you should back off if the emotions get too intense. I would strongly advise you to check with your medical practitioner before undertaking these yoga practices.

Panic attacks are really frightening with symptoms such as breathlessness, pounding heart, tight chest, dizziness, nausea, pale skin, fainting etc. 

If you have been with me throughout this series, you will have already come a long way on the road to preventing your panic attacks.  There are however some yogic 'tools' that will help you especially deepening the breath.  You may have notice that when you start to panic, your breath becomes quick and shallow which affects the chemistry of  your blood. Your brain triggers the sympathetic nervous system and your adrenals secrete cortisol, the 'fight or flight' hormone.  This comes down to the mind-body connection.  Knowing this we can reverse this action so that by consciously deepening the breath we can 'fool' the brain into believing that all is well and the parasympathetic nervous system, the quieter branch of the nervous system, takes over.  

We start the video by practicing a breathing technique that will help when you feel a panic attack starting  - take a long, slow breath in through your nose and a long, slow breath out through your mouth.  Continue in this way until your panic attack subsides.

The rest of the video is devoted to opening the chest area so that your normal breathing becomes naturally deeper, helping prevent panic attacks.  This however will require regular practice.  

We end the video with a meditation to help prevent panic attacks.  This involves a guided body scan followed by working with a mantra.

I hope this helps.


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