Sunday, 6 November 2016

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This week's Meatless Monday is a warming recipe that would be a change if you are out 'trick or treating' tonight or off to a bonfire this weekend. These samosas are baked and so much less greasy than samosas that are fried, which is the more usual way of cooking them.
Recipe on my 'sister' blog-

Parkin, a gingery, oaty cake, is just the ticket to warm you up whether you are going out 'trick or treating' or off to a bonfire this weekend!
I am excited to tell you about this no added sugar, gluten free Parkin that I have made. Click through to the blog to find out how I made it! 
Recipe on my 'sister' blog-

Fragrant Healing- Essential Oils for Fatigue. If you are feeling tired this autumn, these essential oils may help. 
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