Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Hedgehog help

As yogis we want all beings to be happy and well.  We can all do our bit whether it is feeding the birds, planting a few bee friendly plants, reporting animal sightings to help the fight against fracking etc.

I have recently become concerned about hedgehogs.  One night I went out to the bin with some rubbish and heard a yelping from under my hedge.  Thinking some creature was in distress, I got a torch and went to help.  My torch light fell on a pair of mating hedgehogs.

Hedgehog numbers have dramatically fallen over the last decades partly due to changes in agriculture which has reduced the number of hedgerows (hopefully not due to well-meaning people shining torches on them while they are mating!).  But you can help!!! 

These endearing creatures need somewhere somewhere safe to hibernate over the winter - a hogilo, hedgehog home is ideal.  All kinds of designs are available - mine is of basketweave which I have covered with twigs and leaves to provide insulation.  I have also lined the floor of the hogilo with leaves to make it more comfortable.  Place your hogilo in a sheltered position (mine is wedged under a hedge) pointing away from north to shelter your hedgehog from the worst of the winter winds) .

Encourage hedgehogs to your hogilo with meaty cat food and leave some water in a shallow container for them too (not as is often thought milk and bread).  November is the ideal time to put out a hogilo - when the food stops disappearing you will know he has hibernated.

May all beings be well,
May all beings be happy,
May all beings be peaceful and at ease.


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