Wednesday, 23 November 2016

An Ayurveda Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is celebrated in the autumn which in Ayurveda is the time when vata dosha is dominant.  Please see Ayurveda and Autumn-

In order to balance the cold, moving, drying qualities of autumn, we shoud be eating heavy, moist and warming foods.  Seek out seasonal ingredients too which not only taste better but are richer in nutrients.  The following Thanksgiving menu is ideal in that it includes all six tastes - sweet (pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes), sour (cranberries), salt (tofu turkey), pungent (ginger and cinnamon - which are also warming), bitter (Brussel sprouts), and astringent which makes for a more satisfying meal.

Thanksgiving menu

Tofu turkey

Tofu turkey recipe- with sprouts, sweet potatoes and cranberry and apple chutney

Apple, Cranberry and Orange Chutney- no added sugar

'Apple, Cranberry and Orange Chutney- no added sugar' recipe-

Thanksgiving dessert-Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving dessert-Pumpkin Pie-recipe- 

'Cheesecake' pumpkin pie

or 'Cheesecake' pumpkin pie-recipe-

Happy Thanksgiving!

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