Sunday, 4 September 2016

This week on 40plusandalliswell

It's Bank Holiday Monday- time to relax and have fun! 
These falafel burgers are just the ticket served in pitta breads with some mango salsa - crunchy outside, soft inside and quick to make too. 
Have a great Bank Holiday!
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You will love these Banoffee 'nice' cream sundaes! You really will not believe that such a yummy 'sticky toffee' sauce can be made without dairy or sugar but give it a try and be amazed!
Banana and toffee flavours combine so well and sure you will want to come back to this one for a sweet treat.
Recipe on my 'sister' blog-

If you are a regular visitor to 40plusandalliswell you will know that I often use turmeric in my recipes. Turmeric provides colour (care - it can stain clothes) and gives an earthy, aromatic flavour to dishes but it also has many health benefits including a protective effect on the brain. 
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