Thursday, 1 September 2016

Ayurveda lunch break

From an Ayurveda perspective, lunchtime is the best time to take the main meal of the day. This is because at this time of day pitta dosha dominates so the digestive fire, 'agni' is burning most fiercely.  It is important to eat enough at this time of day otherwise you will be hungry mid-afternoon and have the 4 o'clock slumps.  

Eating warm foods is best to keep the digestive fire burning so salads, sandwiches and cold drinks are not ideal because they can dampen down the digestive fire. Ideally food should be freshly prepared but this is not possible for many people. Food flasks are good to take hot food to work although it may mean you have to be a little more organised in the morning. Why not try this 'Lime and soy quinoa'-

Alternatively, if your workplace has facilities for warming food, you could take some of the previous night's dinner (always ensure that the food is heated through).  Warm foods with vegetables and spices are great for your Ayurveda lunch. You will find lots of ideas on 40plusandalliswell- Eat your lunch away from your desk if possible because if you are eating your lunch with one hand and checking emails with the other, you are not mindful of what you are eating and your lunch will not be as satisfying and you may eat more than your body needs if you are not listening to your body.

If you are going to have a lunchtime yoga session do this before you eat.  Please see 'Yoga for real life- lunchtime yoga' video and blog post - or you could take a gentle stroll after lunch in a nearby park or green space for fresh air and your daily vitamin D hit. Please see 'Bring on the sun- Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin-

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