Monday, 19 September 2016

All levels peak pose practice - Warrior 3

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Warrior 3 is a great pose to help increase focus and concentration, it strengthens the legs, strengthens and tones the core and stretches the hamstrings.  
In our warm up we focus on balance, shoulders, core strength, leg strength and hamstrings before practicing several variations which I hope will make the pose accessible for all (hurray for props!!!)

Practicing modified versions of the pose gives you a chance to tweak the alignment - ideally the hips should be level and the standing leg straight although if you have a tendency to hyperextend the knee of your standing leg, you might be better microbending that knee. When practicing the arms forward variation press your weight back over your heels.  

I hope you enjoy your practice. 

I will be having a short inspiration break from the blogs starting at the end of this week for two weeks but I will be back with a new series of videos to help anxiety.  In the meantime I have two more posts for you this week and many posts on the blog for you to enjoy.

Peace and blessings

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