Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Yoga to help heal after a tough time - expressing your emotions

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We can hold our emotions in our physical bodies - our muscles and our organs.  For instance anger can be stored in your liver, grief in your lungs and fear in your kidneys.  This is why, when we practice yoga asanas we can experience emotional release. 

In our practice this week our intention is to bring any deep seated negative emotions to the surface through the asanas, be with them, express them and in this way start on our healing journey.  We include some work on the throat chakra which helps us communicate our emotions.  At the end of the practice I guide you through a writing meditation in which we allow ourselves to be with the emotions we have released during our asana practice, and write down how we are feeling. When we are relaxed and in a meditative state, our deep seated feelings, stored in our subconscious mind can surface.  Please note that you may have to do this meditation more than once in order to create a 'groove' through which these deep seated emotions can flow into your conscious mind. By reconnecting with these deep seated feelings, you can begin to let them go and heal.

You can tear up the paper you have written on if you like as a gesture that you are letting go or you might want to keep it to assess how your healing is progressing.  

I hope this helps, I wish you peace

Janet x 

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