Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Yoga to help heal after a tough time - moving from darkness to light

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You may not be there yet, there are no time limits on grief for instance, but eventually through sustained yoga practice and meditation you will heal. Eventually you will reach a stage where you will keep the love and lessons from the tough time that you have lived through and move forward with love.

Our video this week begins by sitting with the Lotus mudra.  The Lotus flower grows in the mud, a beautiful flower emerging from the darkness. The Lotus mudra is also one in which the hands are held wide open, symbolic of being open to guidance from the universe, the divine or higher force of nature. We start the asana practice with Dying Warrior symbolising we are ready now to let go of the darkness we have lived through and as we come out of the pose, emerge into the light.  Continuing with the intention of being open to receive guidance from the universe, the divine or the higher force of nature, we practice opening poses always remembering that we need to move forward with love in our hearts and not become hardened by our experiences.  I have included Tree pose because as you move forward you may need support and I thought of all the life that the tree supports - squirrels, birds, insects, lichen, algae and fungi. 

We practice Breath of Joy and Happy Baby to remind ourselves that we will feel joy and happiness once more and we end with a meditation on the lotus flower.

Janet x

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