Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Yoga for real life - lunchtime yoga

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I have called this video 'lunchtime yoga' but if you work at a desk you need to be taking more frequent stretch breaks of just a few minutes.  Do not think these are a waste of time when you could be working-you will work all the better for taking a break.  Moving even a little each hour will boost your circulation, aid mental clarity and prevent the health risks associated with long periods of sitting.  In fact sitting for hours each day increases your risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, loss of muscle tone especially in the abdominal area and butt, varicose veins and aches and pains especially neck and back pain and headaches.  A few deep breaths as part of your stretch break will help calm your mind when things are getting fraught.

The poses in the yoga videos are some suggestions of what poses you might want to include in your yoga stretch break or slightly longer lunchtime yoga session.  I have included neck stretches and shoulder openers because necks and shoulders can get very tight when you are working at a keyboard for long periods.  Sitting can also lead to tightness in the hips, hamstrings and quads.  Often when we sit for long periods our posture becomes less than perfect so try to sit without rounding your lower back and keep your chest open - I have include some chest opening and a back stretch which should help.  

Meditation does not have to be long to be beneficial - just a few minutes will help relieve the stress of your busy schedule, help improve your focus and concentration and help you make considered decisions.  The meditation that we practice in the video is a guided body scan to release tension.  Alternatively you could spend a few minutes watching your breath or silently repeating a mantra.  

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