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Yoga for Every Body - Kid's Yoga - Space Explorers-Start Here

Are you ready for a space adventure. Let's get started in our space ship (Boat Pose) - sit with your knees bent. Stretch your arms forward.  Breathe in and as you breathe out rock back on your sit bones and lift your lower legs level with the floor.  Steer your way carefully through the stars and planets.

Beyond the clouds, up to the stars (5 pointed Star) - come up to standing in the middle of your mat.  Step your feet wide and stretch your arms out at shoulder height.  Now you are making the shape of a star with your body.  What does it feel like to be twinkling in the sky above the clouds.  

There's the moon.  Here are three ways to make a moon with your body.  If your moon is a crescent moon (Crescent Moon Pose) stand in the middle of your mat with your feet slightly apart.  Take hold of your left wrist with your right hand. Breathe in and as you breathe out stretch your arms to the right and press your hips to the left.  Breathe as you hold then when you are ready breathe in to come back to the centre.  Take hold of your right wrist with your left hand and do the other side.

You can also make a crescent moon by coming onto all fours. Bring your right foot between your hands. Breathe in, and take your arms up curling up and back.To come out of the pose bring your hands back down then try bring a crescent moon on the other side.

Maybe it is a half moon tonight (Half Moon balance) - come to the centre of your mat and step your feet wide.  Turn your right foot to the right and turn the toes of your left foot in. 

Bend your right knee and take your right hand to a block or a chair.  Breathe in and lift your left arm and left leg up so that your left leg is parallel to the floor.  Straighten your right leg so that your moon lifts up into the night sky.  If you feel wonky practice the pose near a wall so that you can rest your hips on the wall. 

Landing on the moon, put on your space helmet before you leave your spaceship.  It makes your breath sound noisy.  See if you can tighten your throat so that your breath makes a noise as it passes over your throat (Ujjayi Breathing).  Some yogis call this Darth Veda breath!!

What can you see?  There are lots of rocks (Child Pose) - sit with your bottom on your heels. Put your forehead on the mat and sweep your arms back to hold on to your heels. Make yourself round like a space rock. 

What's this bounding out from the rocks?  Get ready to defend yourself (Warrior 2) - come  to standing in the middle of the mat. Turn your right leg to the right and the toes of your left foot in. Breathe in and bring your arms up to shoulder height, breathe out bend your right knee and look down the fingers of your right hand. To come out 0f the pose breathe in, straighten your front leg, breathe out bring your hand to your heart, turn your feet to face forward. Don't forget to do the other side-there may be something from that side too!

Phew, the creature is a moon dog and very friendly (Downward facing dog) - turn to face the short edge of your mat. Bring your hands down either side of your feet and step your feet back. What noise do your think a moon dog makes? Does it bark like dogs on Earth. Try a few noises out to see what you think!

Puppy pose - aww! He's only a puppy and he wants to play! What games will you play with your moon puppy? From Moon Dog pose breathe in, bring your knees to the mat and walk your arms forward until your forehead comes onto the mat.  When you are ready to come out walk your hands back towards you.

Will you return home now in your spaceship or continue to explore the stars?

Bon voyage

Commander Janet x

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