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Summer Fun - A yoga adventure

Summer Fun

Ideas for summer yoga fun

A camping trip

For your camping trip you will need a tent (Wide leg standing forward bend) – stand with your feet wide, toes pointing forward.  Breathe in and as you breathe out bring your hands to the floor and release the top of your head towards the floor.  To come out bring your hands to your hips, breathe in and come up slowly.  Where will you camp?  This looks a nice spot by the river with a wooded area behind it.  

You decide to explore the area.  Butterflies flit between woodland flowers (Butterfly Pose) – sit with the soles of your feet together so that your knees are wide and released down towards the floor.  To flap your butterfly wings bring your knees up and down.  

There are many birds in the woods too. Stand with your feet slightly apart. Breathe out and hinge forward lifting your right leg and taking your arms (wings) out to the sides. To come out breathe in, lower your right leg and bring your arms back by your sides. Repeat with your left leg raised. 

A cheeky squirrel comes over to see if you have any food for him – to pretend to be a squirrel stand with your feet a little apart, bend your knees and hold  your squirrel ‘paws’ out for a tasty morsel.

You will need something to eat – why not catch a fish for supper? (Bow pose) – lie on your tummy and bend both knees.  Reach round with both hands and take hold of your feet. Breathe in and push your feet up and back, lifting your chest off the floor.  If you can hold and breathe you will rock like a fish swimming.  Breathe out to lower back down and curl up into a ball.

Firelog pose – we need a fire to cook the fish (let an adult do this) so time to collect firewood. Can you stack your legs like logs?  Sit on a folded blanket and bring your right foot to your left hip then stack your left leg on top of your right – you can probably stack your logs better than me.  I think my stack might come down!

Frog – as night falls you might be able to hear frogs croaking in a nearby pond. Start on all fours and take your knees wide, flexing your feet. Come down on to your forearms, to come out straighten your arms, press into your hands and slide your knees back together.

What else will you do on your camping trip?

Beach fun

Sandcastle – no trip to the beach is complete without building a sandcastle.  Stand with your feet wide and point your toes out.  Bend your elbows, bring your elbows to shoulder height and point your palms forward , fingers spread and open (these are your turrets).

Blowing bubbles (Cooling Breath) – breathe in through your nose then if you can roll up your tongue, breathe out through your curled up tongue.  If you can’t roll your tongue (not everybody can, just like everybody can’t have blue eyes) make an ‘O’ with your mouth and breathe out.

Swimming - make sure that you have an adult with you if you swim in the sea and only swim where there are lifeguards on duty.  To pretend to swim lie on your tummy, forehead on the mat, one arm by your side, the other stretched forward.  Breathe in and lift your head and chest and legs (Locust pose variation).  Breathe out to lower and try swimming with the other arm forward.

Now for a surfing lesson  (Warrior 2) - stand  with your feet wide.  Turn your right leg to the right and the toes of the left foot in. Breathe in, stretch your arms out at shoulder height, lift your chest, breathe out bend your right knee, turn to look down the fingers of your right hand.  Now try surfing in the opposite direction, bending your left knee and looking down the fingers of your left hand.

A trip to a farm

It's great to meet the animals on the farm.  Which is your favourite?

Cow- to be a cow come onto all fours, breathe in and lift your head, chest and tail bone.  Moo like a cow (Cow Pose).

Farm Cat - come back to all fours, breathe out, tuck your chin and arch your back.  Meow like a cat who has caught a mouse (Cat Pose)

Sheepdog - the sheepdog works hard to keep the sheep together.  From all fours lift your hips high to pretend to be him (Downward Facing Dog).

Horse - breathe in and come back to all fours then come back to kneeling. Take your right foot forward, take your arms back and neigh like a horse.  Now try with your left foot forward.

Chicken (Squat) - come to standing and take your feet a little wider than your hips, toes turned out.  Bring your bottom down and your hands on the floor and cluck like you are going to lay an egg.

A trip to a zoo

Which is your favourite zoo animal?

Elephant (Wide leg standing forward bend variation)- step your feet wide with your toes pointing straight forward.  Fold over your legs and interlace your fingers to make a trunk. Sway from side to side.  Breathe in to come up slowly and step your feet back together.

Giraffe (Up Salute variation) - step your feet apart and take your arms up to make the giraffe's long neck.  Did you know giraffes have blue tongues.

Kangaroo - stand with your feet a little apart, bend your knees and hold  your arms forward, elbows bent.  Can you hop with your feet together like a kangaroo.

Tortoise - sit with your knees bent and take your feet wide.  Take your hands under your legs, hold your ankles and tuck your head in like a tortoise tucking his head into his shell.

A trip to a marine life centre is fun too.

Sea horse - sea horses are fish and can hold onto weeds with their tails to prevent being swept away by the currents. The male gives birth to the baby seahorses.  Stand with your feet slightly apart and bend your knees.  Your hands can be the seahorse snout.

Seal - lie on your tummy with your forehead on the mat.  Bring your hands level with your upper ribs, breathe in and press into your hands.  Can you make a seal sound. To come out breathe out and lower back down. Press your bottom back to your heels and sweep your hands round to hold your heels like the seal's beach ball in the picture below.

Shark - lie on your back and put your arms under your body, lift your chest. To come out release your arms from under your back. 

Hope you had a great summer!

Janet x

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