Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Yoga to help heal after a tough time - opening up to love and trust again

Please click on the video below to watch, 'Yoga to help heal after a tough time -opening up to love and trust again', on my YouTube Channel'.

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When you have been through a tough time you can be left feeling let down, disappointed, like you cannot trust anyone or full of self-blame. Unfortunately the price of love is that at some point you are going to feel pain.  The price of pursuing your dreams is that at some point you will fall short of your desired outcome.

As a result you may build a wall around your heart so that you cannot be hurt or feel again. On the other hand however you also block out love and pleasure.  The intention behind this week's yoga practice is to open up to love firstly for yourself then be open to love others.  A tough time may leave you neglecting to care for yourself but this is important, you are important.

The video practice focuses on opening all the heart area.  We can close down our heart area not only emotionally but physically so we practice heart opening back bends to encourage us to be brave enough to exposure our hearts once more.  In some poses we connect with our hearts by placing our hands on our hearts.  

We end with a meditation to connect to our heart.  

Janet x 

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