Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Yoga to help heal after a tough time - rebuilding confidence

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Your confidence can really take a knock during and after a tough time.  Yoga can help by reconnecting you to your core, which refers not only to your physical core but your emotional and spiritual core.  In this way you can start to rebuild your confidence.  Rebuilding your confidence starts with accepting yourself just as you are and being compassionate to yourself as you would be to a friend who was going through what you are.  It is time to let go of guilt, self-blame and replace these negative emotions with self-respect, gratitude for the gifts you have and inner peace so that you can look forward to the future.  

In our video this week we focus on poses that require strength in order to develop inner strength.  This does not mean that you will be indifferent to tough times but it may mean that you will be able to stay centred when life throws you challenging times - you will have a 'core' of peace within you.  We hold poses longer for inner confidence.  The Warrior poses are especially beneficial, I believe for increasing confidence.  When you practice them you can almost feel like you are putting on your armour to protect you from hurt.  In Warrior 1, we practice the Lotus mudra, allowing you to release all the emotional baggage that is getting in the way of your healing to the universe and in Warrior 2 we cast away our blocks to healing (our 'spears') so that we can look forward to the future.

We end the video with a meditation for a sunny outlook.  

I hope that your yoga helps you through this difficult time.

Peace and blessings 
Janet x 

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