Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Yoga to heal after a tough time - finding pleasure in life again

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When my youngest daughter was born with a hole in her heart and we were told to 'take one day at a time' my mum said that we would never be able to laugh again.  Then my daughter threw back her head and laughed and we could not help but laugh with her. 

However much pain you have been through, life does get better and yoga can help with this process.  Sacral chakra healing can help create emotional stability, help release feelings of guilt, help us let go of what is no longer serving us from the past and make room for new opportunities.  The sacral chakra is our pleasure centre - when balanced we are able to 'go with the flow' opening to life just as it is.  

In our video this week we will focus on hip and groin opening to balance the sacral chakra, bring acceptance to what has happened to cause us pain and release that pain in order to find pleasure in life once more. 

When things happen in our lives which cause us pain, we can remain attached to those events for a long time afterwards.  It is almost as though we have 'cords' attaching us to those painful situations.  Our meditation this week is a cord cutting meditation and because you might want to practice this several times, I am posting it as a separate video as well as at the end of our practice today.

Janet x

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