Sunday, 17 July 2016

Yoga for seniors - healthy joints

Your joints are where two or more bones meet. In order to keep your joints healthy they need to have a good supply of blood to nourish the joint.  This can be achieved through yoga stretching. Yoga also ensures that the joints are put through their full range of motion that is the amount joints can move in  any given direction.  By teaching good posture and alignment yoga also helps prevent strain on your joints. Yoga also strengthens the muscles which support the joint.  

Please click on the videos below to watch them on my YouTube Channel'.

'Chair Yoga-Severe Arthritis/Elderly-Part 1, Yoga can help heal series'

'Chair Yoga-Severe Arthritis/Elderly-Part 2. Yoga can help heal series'

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Always check with your doctor before starting a new program of exercise

In terms of diet make sure that you eat anti-inflammatory foods such as oily fish or if you are a vegan please see 'Where do vegans get their omega 3s from' - Ensure your intake of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D is enough to keep your bones healthy by eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, dairy products or if you are vegan fortified alternative milks, nuts, seeds, oats and wholegrains.

Stay healthy, stay happy 
Janet x 

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