Sunday, 24 July 2016

This week on 40plusandalliswell

My Meatless Monday recipe today is for 'Sweet Chilli marinaded tofu with summer roast vegetable wraps'. The recipe uses some of the Golden Ball turnips harvested from the 40plusandalliswell organic garden. If you haven't got turnips then squash would be a good substitute. 
Hope you enjoy!
Recipe on my 'sister' blog-

The Victorians thought that a lovely-looking foot was a very desirable thing to have. 
On my 'sister' blog this week Becky looks at some of the ways they went about achieving this-

This week we have been harvesting the raspberries. We have had a bumper crop and so I have used some of them to make these 'Surprise ingredient chocolate and raspberry mug cakes'.
Please see my 'sister' blog for advice on growing raspberries and the recipe -

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