Thursday, 7 July 2016

Protecting your knees in standing poses - Part 2 - Revolved Triangle and Revolved Side Angle

Revolved Triangle - to come into Revolved Triangle start at the back of the mat with the feet at hip distance. Turn the left toes out to 45 degrees and keep the width between your feet as you step the right foot forward.  Lift through your kneecaps and bring your hands to your hips.  Ease your right hip back so that your hips line up with the short edge of the mat.  Breathe out an hinge forward pressing the tailbone back and the crown of the head forward.  Take your left hand to a block placed on the big toe side of the foot.  Breathe in and as you breathe out engage your core and rotate to the right.  Raise your right arm.  Your gaze can be straight ahead or down at the mat. For a more advanced variation line up the feet heel to heel and take the block to the little toe side of the foot or take your left hand to your right leg.  To come out exhale bring your right hand to your hip. inhale release the twist and come up.  Step your feet together and repeat 2nd side.

Protecting your knees - as in Triangle pose, take care not to hyper-extend your front knee - micro-bend your knee if you need to.  If you are practicing the variation of the pose in which the left arm is on the outside of the right leg, the left arm may press against the right leg creating stretching on the inside of the right knee.  To correct this and protect your knee, press your right leg into your arm with an equal pressure so that your knee remains aligned. Also if you have your hand on your right leg make sure you do not place your hand directly on your knee joint. 

Revolved Side Angle - to practice Revolved Side Angle pose start in Downward facing dog, inhale and bring the right foot forward.  Breathe out and drop the back foot, bringing the top of the foot to the mat.  Inhale come up, exhale bring the hands into prayer position.  On your next breath out, hook the left elbow over the right thigh and twist to the right.  Lengthen through the crown of your head and release down to close the gap between right thigh and left ribcage.   This may be your pose.  To go further lift the back knee.  To go further open the arms taking the left hand to a block, right hand towards the ceiling.  For the full pose bring the back heel down, turning the toes to the left at 45 degrees.

Protecting your knees - if you are practicing the variation of the pose with your back knee down on the mat you might want to roll your mat up under your knee to cushion it.  Make sure that your front knee is directly over your ankle - if it extends beyond your ankle try taking your feet further back in Downward facing dog before coming into the pose or closer together if your knee falls short of your ankle.  There is a tendency for the arms to press the right knee in so actively press the knee out. 

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