Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Balancing kapha dosha with the fire element

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People in whom the kapha dosha dominates are lovely people - kind, compassionate and tolerant.  They also stay calm in stressful situations, sleep well and have good memories. 

When out of balance kaphas tend tend to have a slow metabolism and so put on weight. 
This may also lead to lethargy and depression.  Out of balance, kaphas can also suffer from a sluggish digestion leading to constipation.  The elements associated with the Kapha dosha are earth and water which can be cold and heavy

In our video this week, we are using the knowledge of the elements we have gained over the last few weeks to balance kapha dosha.  The focus of the practice is using the fire element overcome the inertia associated with the kapha dosha and add warmth and energy. To incorporate the fire element into our practice we practice invigorating flows and twists to light the internal fire.  We also use the air element to add lightness to balance the heaviness of kapha dosha. To incorporate the air element into our practice, we incorporate chest openers such as Pigeon, Locust and Bow pose as well as chest opening twists such as Revolved Triangle, Revolved Side Angle pose, Thread the Needle in Pigeon pose and a seated twist.  Side body openers also bring the air element into the body and we practice Side Angle pose in the Dancing Warrior flow.  The air element fans the flames of the internal fire which we lit increasing it's effect.

Next week we will be balancing pitta dosha.

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