Sunday, 8 May 2016

Yoga for every body- men- body image

Please see my yoga video on my YouTube Channel- 'Yoga for every body -men- body image' -

We tend to think that it is only women who worry about how their bodies look ('does my bum look big in this' etc) but I believe there is just as much pressure on men from the media to look a certain way.  Men have always wanted to be muscular, have a 'six- pack' etc. I remember my dad using a 'bullworker' and doing exercises with weights to increase muscle. 

Sales of 'body building' protein drinks are high even though it is doubtful if they work.  More worrying is the use of steroids to build up muscle.  There is also a feeling that physical toughness equates to mental toughness but there is also a place for gentleness - both men and women have a mix of masculine and feminine energies.  I would love to hear your opinion in the comments.  

Yoga helps us accept how we are - real people are not perfect.  They do not conform to the images portrayed in the media and trying to match up to those 'perfect people' can only lead to unnecessary suffering.  Love yourself just as you are and treat yourself well  - eat good food and let go of negative self talk.  Do not put off being happy until you have a six-pack or whatever.  

Through yoga we recognise that we are blessed.  Try writing down three things that you are grateful for at the end of each day.  Little things matter - spending time with family or friends, the sun breaking through the clouds, watching the birds, the flowers, enjoying something delicious to eat etc. 

Yoga also helps you become more comfortable in your own skin and helps you feel connected to all living beings.

In our video this week, we practice poses to help let go of the need to be perfect. We also practice poses and breathing techniques that make us feel glad to be alive and poses to increase self-confidence.  

We end with a body appreciation meditation.

Be happy!

Janet x 

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