Sunday, 1 May 2016

Yoga for every body- men- athletes

Please see my yoga video on my YouTube Channel-'Yoga for every body -men- athletes'-

Participating in sports is a great way to increase your fitness but sports may tighten muscles which may in turn lead to injury and posture problems.  Cyclists for instance may need to stretch their shoulder and chest muscles. Runners,  power walkers and footballers may have tight hamstrings, quads and IT band.  When I started power walking, my feet and ankles were not happy.  My daughter practices karate and has problems with her SI joint as well as tight neck and shoulder muscles.  Tennis players may also need to stretch their shoulder muscles particularly on the 'tennis arm' side and stretch their chest muscles. The answer to all these issues is YOGA practiced alongside your chosen sport. 

Most sports require focus and concentration and yoga can help here too.

In our yoga video this week we work on stretching the muscles which may become tight as a result of sports.  I have also included meditative moves as these can help improve focus and concentration.   Balancing poses also increase focus and concentration.  Please see - 'Yoga for beginner's - Balances Part 1'- and 'Yoga for beginner's - Balances Part 2'-
For more chest opening poses please see - 'Yoga for beginner's - Heart openers Part 1'- and 'Yoga for beginner's - Heart openers Part 2'-

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