Sunday, 15 May 2016

The Elements and the Chakras- Part 3 - Fire

Please see the yoga video on my YouTube Channel-'The Elements and the Chakras- Part 3 - Fire'-

The third chakra is associated with your power, determination and drive, in other words the 'fire in your belly '.  The third chakra also is associated with digestion and your metabolism and it is having a stoked up digestive fire, agni which makes for good digestion.  According to Ayurveda, yoga's sister science, good digestion is the basis of good health.  The third chakra is not only concerned with digestion of food however but the 'digestion' of our ideas, thoughts and emotions.

In our video this week we start with Kapalabhati which lights the digestive fire and creates a purifying heat in the body.  Once the body is pure, the mind becomes clear.
We then go on to practice Sun Salutations which also create purifying heat in the body as well as poses that work the abdomen such as core activating poses and twists to light the digestive fire.

We end with a purifying candle meditation - the candle flame representing the qualities of fire that are heat and light.

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