Sunday, 24 April 2016

Yoga for every body -men- stress

Even in the 21st century, women, for the most part, are seen as the nurturers and men as the providers.  Because of this (and it pains me to say this) men do tend to have more high powered jobs than women which are stressful. This is changing but only slowly. Even if they do not have a high powered job, providing financially for the family can be stressful in this day and age.  

When women get stressed they have outlets for that stress - they may let off steam with friends (this is the mark of a good friend!) or have a good cry.  Men in general however either bottle stress up, become angry or turn to such diversions as alcohol.

There is another reason why men get more stressed than women.  When women get stressed they release the stress hormone cortisol from the adrenals, as do men.  This triggers a release of oxytocin from the brain which helps reduce the effects of cortisol by promoting relaxation but the oxytocin release in men is far less than in women.

Yoga can help reduce stress in many ways, some of which we practice in this week's video - 
  • Yoga triggers the relaxation response and reduces negative thinking.
  • The breathing techniques encourage extra oxygen to be brought to the body by increasing the capacity and elasticity of the lungs, which has a calming effect.  This is because the Parasympathetic Nervous System, which is concerned with ‘quieter’ bodily activities is activated (as opposed to the Sympathetic Nervous System which prepares the body for ‘fight or flight’)
  • Inversions and forward bends bring fresh blood to the brain which calms the mind
  • Twists ‘wring out’ toxins which stress the body
  • Backbends open the chest encouraging deeper breathing which calms the body
  • By releasing tension from the body, yoga also releases tension from the mind (remember the mind/body/spirit connection)
  • Power yoga, Ashtanga yoga and vinyassa yoga ‘burn off’ the stress hormones
  • If we develop the habit of staying centred through challenges on the mat by staying focused on the breath, eventually this transfers into our lives so when life is difficult we are more able to deal with it.
  • One of the limbs of yoga is pratyahara which is turning your focus inwards through asanas such as forward bends and meditation.  In this way with practice we develop a ‘peaceful core’ that is untouched by many things that cause us stress.ow 
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