Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Lessons from yoga-selfless service

Selfless service means deeds performed for the good of others without any thought of personal gain.

Reading the news you might be forgiven for feeling you cannot make a difference.  Do not forget though that the media focus is often on the bad and all the individuals who quietly work tirelessly to alleviate suffering are not reported.  Many religions focus on service to others as a way of serving the divine. Through yoga we realise that the divine resides in each and every one of us.  Sometimes the divine in us is hidden but yoga helps us chip away anything that is blocking our view of the divine in ourselves and others.

Yoga practice brings awareness of the connection of all living beings so we are aware not only our own suffering, but that of others. Yoga also opens our hearts to love and compassion so that we have a deep desire to help alleviate that suffering. This will be the focus of our video this week. 

Life is full of opportunities to show loving kindness.  Maybe you won't change the world but you can make a difference. We end our video with a Loving Kindness meditation.

I will leave you with the inspiring words of some people I know. The first is a lady in her mid-nineties!!! She says 'I do what I can and I don't worry about the rest'.  I also had a lovely yoga teacher who used to say 'If I can see my way to help someone, I will'.

Please see the video on my YouTube Channel, 'Lessons from yoga-selfless service'-https://youtu.be/j-A2s6XGI9g

Janet x 

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