Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Lessons from yoga - Go with the flow

To go with the flow means to let go of the need to control.  We like to have control of what is happening  in our lives but this is not always possible.  Life is unpredictable and often puts us in situations which were never part of 'the plan'.  We can feel 'stuck', unable to move forward with our lives, 'trapped' in relationships, work and lives where we feel we do not belong. As yogis we learn acceptance of what is and learn to trust that whatever happens in our lives, it is for our higher good - an opportunity to grow as a person and spiritually.  This is not suggesting that we should continue in toxic relationships, indeed we should not but sometimes a little compassion can make a huge difference. We learn the lessons, keep the love and then let go. Non-acceptance only leads to suffering.  

In our yoga video this week we  open up our bodies so that energy can flow freely.  To do this we practice several flows which encourage the circulation of blood and lymph.  We end with a visualisation based on the idea of 'going with the flow' that is intended to help remove 'blockages' in our lives when we feel 'stuck' .

Please see the video on my YouTube Channel, 'Lessons from yoga-Go with the flow'-https://youtu.be/DGMG8g8ajOs

Janet x

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