Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Back to basics - Standing Poses - Triangle Pose

Triangle Pose is still my favourite pose. It opens up your shoulders and chest and is a good stretch for the sides of your body, hips and legs. By opening the chest, Triangle encourages deep breathing which helps relieve stress.  

To practice Triangle pose, stand in the middle of the mat in Tadasana.  Step your feet a leg length apart, turn the right leg out and the left foot in 45 degrees.  Ladies should align their heel, men should align front heel to back instep. Bring your hands to your heart then on a breath in stretch your arms wide and lift your chest. Breathe out and shift your hips to the left and you extend over your right leg, bringing your hand to rest on your ankle, shin or thigh.  If you are very flexible you can bring your hand down to the floor behind the right foot.  Your gaze can be up at your right thumb if your neck allows, or down at your right big toe. If you have neck issues, you may also want to place your top hand on your hip. To come out of the pose, breathe in and windmill your arms up, breathe out turn your feet to face forward and your hands to heart centre. Repeat second side.

Common mistakes

  • Being so determined to get your hand to the mat that the top shoulder comes forward collapsing the chest - keep the top shoulder moving back and try not to have too much weight on the lower hand.
  • Trying so hard to get the shoulders stacked that the top arm comes over the head.
  • Pressing the back hip backwards which may torque the SI joint.
  • Placing the hand on the knee which might strain the knee - your hand needs to be above or below the knee or you can use a block (remember a block has 3 levels), placed behind the front foot.  
  • Hyperextending the front knee - if you have this tendency, microbend your front knee.

Please see the video on my YouTube Channel-'Back to basics - Standing Poses - Triangle Pose'-

Janet x

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