Thursday, 11 February 2016

Unusual props - meditation

It's Valentine's Day this week and in honour of this special day of love, our unusual prop is a red rose which we will use for meditation.  The rose as a symbol of love originated with the ancient Greeks who associated the rose with Aphrodite, the goddess of love.  Later in the Victorian era, the red rose became a symbol of love according to the language of flowers.

For this meditation you may be seated in a comfortable cross-legged position or you may be seated on a chair.  Sit with a straight spine, holding the stem of the rose.  Focus your gaze on the rose.  Notice its colour, the shape of the petals.  Touch the petals, noticing how they feel. Smell the delicate scent of the rose.  If your attention wanders, gently but firmly bring your focus back to the rose.  Your eyes may water a little- this is normal.  

After several minutes close your eyes and visualise your rose at your heart centre.  Visualise the rose expanding into every part of your body.  Feel a warmth in every fibre of your being as you fill with love, compassion, and forgiveness for yourself and others.  Remain in the warm glow of love, compassion and warmth for a few minutes.  

When you are ready bring your focus back into the room then into your physical body.  Bring your attention to the tip of your nose and begin to breathe more deeply.  Open your eyes and take some small movements to bring you back to the here and now.  Please make sure that you are fully awake before continuing with your day.

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Janet x

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