Sunday, 7 February 2016

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Today I took part in an anti-fracking demo in Pocklington, East Yorkshire which was part of the National Day of Action. People brought along banners, there was a stall with information on fracking, petitions to sign and passing cars honked their support.
It is not just this area that is affected, but many parts of the UK.
Please read more on my 'sister' blog to find out how you can help-
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It's Chinese New Year on the 8th of February and this year is the year of the monkey so be prepared for anything! The monkey is clever, good at finding inventive solutions but full of tricks so be careful!
You may want to celebrate Chinese New Year with this tofu stir fry with fennel. You can make it low carb too by serving with spiralized squash. Recipe on my 'sister' blog-
One of my recipes 'Meatless Monday: Chinese New Year Special' was included in the magazine 'Meatless Monday'- The link for the recipe is included in my recipe for 'tofu stir fry with fennel' (see recipe in link above).

With Pancake Day approaching on Tuesday, 9th February you may want to try these healthy choc chip and banana vegan pancakes for breakfast. Alternatively they would make a great dessert served with banana ice cream.
Have a happy Pancake Day!

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