Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Lessons from yoga - let go of the need to be perfect

The media portrays images of the perfect body, perfect face, perfect lives and makes out that we can have it all, career, perfect family life, adventure etc. The problems come when we feel we are not living up to this perfection. We may struggle to meet the needs of a family and the needs of a career. We take our work home with us to help keep up but work/life balance suffers. What would it be like to let go of striving for perfection? We would be less stressed and ironically may achieve more. Letting go of perfection means accepting ourselves and what we are capable of. This does not mean that you should not make any effort but it does mean accepting things you cannot change.

It is the same with our yoga practice. We see Instagram pictures of advanced yoga postures and think we should be able to do them. It is far better however to let your body open gradually with practice than try to strain into poses. If you strain a pose, you immediately lose the benefit of that pose.  The breath is a good indicator of if you are straining into a pose - if the breath becomes strained you should either ease back a little or come out of the pose. There are always modifications to make a pose accessible and there is nothing wrong with using props either. Remember wherever you are in a pose is perfect and will give you benefits.  

In this week's video we practice accepting where we are in our yoga journey. Many poses are accessible through the use of props or modifications or using another pose that will give us the same benefits.  We end our video with a meditation for acceptance.  
Please see my yoga video on my YouTube Channel-'Lessons from yoga - let go of the need to be perfect'-https://youtu.be/qnYMArd7dF0

In all things allow yourself to be wherever you are - that is perfect.

Janet x

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