Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Back to basics-Standing Poses-Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

Tadasana is the starting point of all the standing postures.  It also teaches us good posture and it can give us a moment of stillness within our practice to remember our intention.

To practice the pose, stand with the feet together with the outside edges of the feet parallel (for most of us this willl mean separating the heels).  Have your weight spread evenly through all four corners of the feet, the little toe side, big toe side, inner heel and outer heel. 

Lift your insteps (if you can lift your middle three toes, this will help). Lift your kneecaps to engage your thigh muscles and give you the strong foundation.  Lengthen your tail bone down towards the floor to create space in the spine, lift your chest and roll your shoulder blades back and down.  Your chin should be level with the floor, the crown of your head reaching for the ceiling.  Your arms should be relaxed by your sides, your fingers gently curled.  

Your lower body should feel strong and grounded, your upper body light and airy.

Common mistakes 

  • Pressing the feet together which puts a strain on the lower back.  Most of us need to separate the heels to have the outside edges parallel. 
  • Having your weight on the inside of the feet or the outside which can affect the alignment of the leg and hip joints.
  • Tucking the tail bone too far under and flattening the lower back- the pelvis should be in a neutral position.  
  • Bringing the shoulders up by the ears - you need to take the shoulder blades in and down to create space for the neck.

Please see the video on my YouTube Channel-'Back to basics-Standing Poses-Tadasana (Mountain Pose)'-

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