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Ayurveda health and beauty - vata dosha

A coconut oil cleanser is perfect for vata skin

When vatas are in balance they are slender with fine hair and porcelain skin.  They tend to be active and quick thinking. 

If however vata gets out of balance they can suffer from insomnia, stress and exhaustion. 

Stress may lead to bad habits such as drinking alcohol and smoking which exacerbates the vata tendency to poor circulation and dehydration.

Vata skin has a tendency to be dry and therefore show premature signs of aging.  Eczema can be a problem too. Their scalp can be dry leading to dandruff.  Hair may be dry with split ends.  Because they tend snack to support their active lifestyle, tooth decay may occur.  

Palpitations, muscle cramps and pain, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, osteoporosis, and constipation are further signs of vata imbalance.

Nourishing skin and hair should be from inside and outside.  Hydration is essential for a soft skin and healthy hair. Vatas should drink plenty of water and herbal teas. Vatas should include plenty of fruit and vegetables in their diet especially ones with a high water content such as melon, lettuce, cucumber etc. The fibre in these will also help with constipation. Wholegrains will give them slow release energy to support their activity. Vata diet should also include oils to counteract the dryness especially from nuts, seeds and oily fish if they are not vegan. Caffeine should be reduced to aid sleep and reduce stress. A few drops of lavender essential oil sprinkled on a pillow will help vatas sleep. Spices and enzymes in fruit and vegetables will aid digestion. Pineapple for instance contains bromelain, a digestive enzyme.

Oils can be used to deeply moisturise the skin too. For instance coconut oil or almond oil. Coconut oil used as a cleanser is better than harsh chemicals which strip the natural oils from the skin. See 'Coconut oil cleanser'.
A coconut oil hair mask will help dry hair and scalp. See 'Post summer TLC for hair'
Relaxation, yoga and meditation are important to balance vata.  See 'Meditation, ancient help for 21st century stress.'

Also my video 'Ayurveda Doshas-Vata' on my YouTube Channel-

Hope this helps.

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