Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Unusual Props

If you struggle to reach for your shin or thigh in Keyhole Stretch or you can reach but you are straining your neck and shoulders to do so, I have the solution for you - use a 'chest' coffee table or similar piece of furniture or a wall.  No hands needed so you can lie back and enjoy this hip opener.  

Keyhole Stretch is a good counter pose to all the sitting with our legs forward that we do in our every day lives. Keyhole stretch also lengthens the IT band, the connective tissue that runs from the pelvis to the shin.  Tightness in the IT band can cause knee issues. 

To come into the pose, lie knees bent big toes touching the coffee table or base of the wall. Place your right foot on the coffee table so that the shin is level with the ceiling.  Bring your left foot onto your right thigh with your foot flexed.  The nearer your foot is to your groin, the more intense this pose will be.  Hold and breathe.  To release lower your right foot then bring your left foot back to the floor.  For extra comfort place a pillow under your head. Repeat second side.

Janet x

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