Sunday, 24 January 2016

Unusual props - Pigeon pose with a coffee table

Pigeon Pose is great for opening the hips and the chest and stretching the quads and hamstrings.

This variation of Pigeon Pose means that you have one hand free to externally rotate the bent leg thigh to settle deeper into the pose. As always listen to your body and do not strain into the pose.  

Stand facing the long edge of the coffee table. Bring your right leg onto the coffee table with the knee slightly out to the right.  Take your left leg back, pressing through the left heel to straighten the left leg.  Adjust your hips so that your hip points are parallel. This will help keep your SI joint safe. Supporting yourself with your left hand, use your right hand to roll the flesh of your thigh towards the back. To go deeper bring your shin level with the long edge of the coffee table. To come out of the pose slide the right leg back to meet the left then repeat on the other side. 

A standing version of Pigeon can also be practiced using a full height table. Bring your right leg onto the table as before and keep the standing leg straight. You may need to stand on a block or similar if you cannot get your leg onto the table.

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