Sunday, 31 January 2016

Myofascial release - hamstrings

Many of us have tight hamstrings, the muscles located at the back of the thighs.  I power walk and tight hamstrings are a constant challenge for me. Walking, running, sitting in our cars, at our desks or watching television all help tighten our hamstrings. If we do not release them out, tight hamstrings can lead to hip or lower back problems and even knee issues.

Fascia is a term that refers to the connective tissue, that is tendons, ligaments, etc which run throughout the body. It connects the muscles to the bones, encloses the muscles and organs and separates muscle fibres. Fascia forms a network throughout the body, and can be likened to a spiders web connecting all parts of the body together. Myofascial release is a way of releasing tension in the fascia and because the fascia are all connected this does not necessarily have to be where the tense fascia are located.  

Here are two ways in which you can release tight hamstrings.

1. For this way of of releasing the hamstrings, you may be seated or standing. Place a tennis ball under your right foot and roll it around under your foot for several minutes. Repeat with the other foot.

2. This technique uses a roller which you can buy quite cheaply.  Sit on your mat with your legs outstretched, your roller behind your hips.  Use your hands, placed by your hips to lift onto the roller so that the roller is at the top of your legs.  Bend your right knee and plant your right foot firmly on mat. Continue to steady yourself with your hands and right foot as you roll your left hamstring forward and back over the roller.  Do not roll over the knee joint and if you experience any sharp, shooting or radiating pain stop immediately.

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Please note- If you have back pain consult your medical practitioner.

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