Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Lessons from yoga - embrace the now (winter)

If I am honest, winter is not my favourite season of the year but each season has its own special beauty and I believe it is important to be in tune with the seasons.  

Our yoga practice can help with this tuning in to the season and embracing the season.  Here in East Yorkshire we have just had a very cold snap and our yoga practice can help us stay warm by boosting circulation with Sun Salutations, twists, forward bends and inversions.  As well as boosting the circulation of blood, these also help the circulation of lymph which is important at this time of year to help 'police' the body for invading viruses and bacteria. Inversions too help boost the circulation of blood and lymph. Inversions also encourage mucus to flow out of the body helping prevent congestion. Twists help digestion and elimination which in turn help immunity by ensuring we absorb maximum nutrients from our food and eliminate toxins. Chest openers help stimulate the thymus gland which produces antibodies to fight invading organisms.  

We may feel we have low energy at this time of year.  Our bodies need more rest in winter but modern life does not allow for this.  Again yoga can help low energy and in this week's video we practice some kundalini kryias which release energy from the base of the spine. This then moves up the spine, energizing the chakras and increasing wellbeing.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the winter season is governed by water energy and since the kidney and bladder control the water in the body, stimulating the kidney and bladder meridans in the body through our yoga asana practice can help us embrace the winter season.  The kidney and bladder meridians run down the back of the body and legs and can be stimulated by back bends, seated forward bends and poses such as Lizard Pose.  

This week's video therefore will invigorate, boost immunity, enhance the circulation of blood and lymph, help prevent congestion and stimulate the kidney and bladder meridians. Please see my yoga video on my YouTube Channel-'Lessons from yoga - Embrace the now'-https://youtu.be/Sa9ERSib2Bo

Have a wonderful winter and be well.

Please note that if you are not in the northern hemisphere, this week's video would be a good chakra balancing sequence to increase energy and wellbeing.

Janet x

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